Meeting Minutes and Agendas

2021 Meetings
7th January  |Agenda| |Draft Minutes|
2020 Meetings
9th January |Agenda|  |Draft Minutes|
20th February |Agenda| |Draft Minutes|
23th February Footpath Working Group |Agenda|  |Draft Minutes|
26th March  |Agenda| |Draft Minutes|
23rd April Annual Parish Meeting |Agenda| |Draft Minutes| 
14th May Annual PC Meeting |Agenda| |Draft Minutes| |Councillors Reports|
18th June |Agenda| |Draft Minutes| 
23rd July  |Agenda| |Draft Minutes|
3rd September  |Agenda| |Draft Minutes|
15th October  |Agenda| |Draft Minutes|
26th November  |Agenda| |Draft Minutes|
2019 Meetings
5th December Playing Field Committee |Agenda|  |Draft Minutes|
21st November |Agenda|  |Minutes|
12th November Extraordinary |Agenda|  |Minutes|
17th October |Agenda|  |Minutes|
10th October Playing Field Committee |Agenda|  |Draft Minutes|
25th September Footpath Working Group |Agenda| |Draft Minutes|
5th September |Agenda|  |Minutes|
25th July |Agenda| |Minutes|
18th July Playing Field Committee |Agenda|  |Minutes|
20th June |Agenda| |Minutes|
16th May (APCM) |Agenda| |Minutes|
25th April (APM) |Agenda| |Draft Minutes|  |Councillors Reports|
28th March |Agenda| |Minutes|
21st February |Agenda|Minutes|
10th January |Agenda| |Minutes|

2018 Meetings
11th January |Agenda| |Minutes|
22nd February |Agenda| |Minutes|
22nd March |Agenda| |Minutes|
19th April APM |Agenda| |Minutes|
3rd May APCM |Agenda| |Minutes|
14th June |Agenda| |Minutes|
26th July |Agenda| |Minutes|
6th September |Agenda| |Minutes|
18th October |Agenda| |Minutes|
29th November |Agenda| |Minutes|

Minutes of Parish Council meetings are available to read between one to two weeks after a council meeting. They are published in draft form and approved at the next council meeting. Agendas are published the week before a Thursday meeting. A copy is also displayed on the noticeboard.

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